Applied Mathematics curriculum is a two years Engineering program offered during the 4th and 5th years of the INSA Toulouse cursus. 


The 4th year is composed of core modules on general education in Mathematics during the Autumn semester such as : Optimization, Signal processing, HPC and high dimensional systems, Statistics;  at the end of which, students are asked to pursue their specialization either on Numerical Methods and Models (MMN)or Statistical Methods and Models (MMS)



Numerical Methods and Models (MMN) is dedicated to train students in modeling (PDEs, numerical schemes) and numerical simulations implemented in several fields of application such as: fluid and/or structural mechanics, wave propagation, data assimilation and image processing.


Statistical Methods and Models (MMS) is a specialization aimed at providing Statistical methods to address new industrial challenges in the areas of the mining of massive Datasets and Machine Learning. The training includes courses on general Statistical modeling such as : linear models, time series, Reliability theory, Finance and Insurance, Machine Learning and data mining. Students involved in this specialization are able to complete their training by following specific modules either in Data Science(Experiment design, reliability, uncertainty and AI framework) or in Finance and Insurance (stochastic calculus, derivatives, PDE methods for pricing of derivatives).  


Core modules include: innovation and research projects (potentially co-supervised with industrial partners), labs involving dedicated software, a three month long internship at the end of 4th year; and a five month long internship during the Spring semester of 5th year.